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1:350 IJN Ise

1:350 Scale static plastic injection model battleship IJN ISE

Product Name 1:350 IJN Ise
Project Name 1/350 Scale plastic static model battleship IJN Ise
Scale 1/350
Size 327.6 X 111.6 X 152.4mm
Material PS
Tooling 11 sets
Separated parts 910 sets
Style Injection molding
More features High precision

Listing Description

Model battleship IJN Ise in 1:350 scale or 1:700 scale for hobby collection, with lifelike details made.

This model listing is Japanese 2nd worldwar model battleshipIJNlsein 1:350 scale. It can be made in 1:700 scale, which will be per your request.

We are professional OEM/ODM designing and manufacturing companyfor staticModel Kitsas battleships, armord tanks, race cars, trucks, robbots, mortocycles and figures.We can provide one-stop-shop service to customers from designing (3D & mock up), tooling, molding, painting & printing, assembling & packing.

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