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1:20 MP4-6

1/24 scale static plastic car kit of MP4-6






Model Number 1:20 MP4-6
Material Plastic PS
Size 222.5x110x51.2mm
Tooling 5 sets
Parts 207pcs
Type injection molding


Listing Description

Static plastic car kit of MP4-6 in 1:24 scale for hobby collection, with lifelike details made.

This model listing is static plastic car kit of MP4-6 in 1:20 scale. This plastic racing car assembly kits is designed with highly detailed pieces which features the same structure of the actual car. It must be able to entice and satisfy the most fastidious racing car modelers.

This model car can be designed in different scales. We can customize this race car model for you per your scale and specification.

We offer designing and manufacturing service to clients who are intent to develop static plastic model kits of battleships, armord tanks, race cars, trucks, robbots, mortocycles and action figures. We can provide one-stop-shop service to customers from designing (3D & mock up), tooling, molding, painting & printing, assembling & packing.


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